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Ms. Teia Coleman, also known as “The Freedom Therapist” is a North Carolina Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Brainspotting Practitioner, Certified Professional School Counselor, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional-Level II, and National Certified Counselor. She is the Executive Director/Clinician at Strategic Strength Studio, PLLC, which brings integrity, loyalty, optimism, accountability, competency, and courage to the mental health industry while helping clients REFLECT, RECOVER, and REBUILD.

Ms. Teia boast two Master of Science degrees in the areas of Behavioral Science and School Counseling. Ms. Teia’s services stretch beyond the “therapy room.” She utilized her background as a Monroe, North Carolina native to serve as a Professional School Counselor at her alma mater for five years, and her eight years of military service experience, to learn more about culture diversity and military family systems.

Through Ms. Teia’s expertise and enthusiasm, she vows to escort you from mental bondage to mental freedom, with her BE FREE framework. Her strategy helps clients set healthy boundaries and develop a sustainable self-care routine in preparation for the swift transitions in life.

In addition to Ms. Teia’s career, she is a tenacious woman and mother, who walks in FREEDOM, recognizing that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE, but knowing it is a price worth paying, when the results are...YOU WIN!  Ms. Teia lives by the philosophy she shares in her framework, and she has helped many clients boost their confidence, clarify future goals, and establish healthy relationships. At Strategic Strength Studio, PLLC, you cannot lose, you simply learn how to find and face whatever has been holding you hostage.